Native Metal

Science / Geology / Native Metal: A natural deposit of a metallic element in pure metallic form, neither oxidized nor combined with sulfur or other elements.
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Native Adjective Synonyms: basic, first, best, original, exclusive
Native Noun Synonyms: innate, natal, inborn, natural, inherent, congenital, indwelling, inherited, hereditary, in the blood, intrinsic, constitutional


Life Style / Painting / Metallics: A class of paints that include metal flakes in their composition. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Metalloid: An element with both metallic and nonmetallic properties. Examples are silicon, arsenic, and germanium. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Metallophone: Percussion instrument consisting of tuned metal bars, usually struck with a mallet. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Metallurgy: The science explaining the properties, behavior and internal structure of metals. MORE

Metallic Compounds

Science / Chemistry / Metallic Compounds: Compounds that contain at least one metallic element. MORE

Metallic Bond

Business / Machine Shop / Metallic Bond: The principal atomic bond that holds metals together. MORE