Multiple Completion Well

Science / Geology / Multiple Completion Well: A well equipped to produce oil and/or gas from more than one reservoir.
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Other Words for Completion

Completion Noun Synonyms: finishing, finalization, wind-up, finishing-off, completing
Completion Adverb Synonyms: conclusion, end, close, termination, fulfilment, culmination, realization, accomplishment, finish

Other Words for Well

Well Verb Synonyms: articulately, understandably, expressively, correctly, accurately, properly, proficiently, effectively, artistically, poetically, grammatically
Well Adjective Synonyms: satisfactorily, sufficiently, adequately, agreeably, nicely, (well) enough, OK, okay
Well Adverb Synonyms: skilfully, expertly, adeptly, proficiently, ably
Well Noun Synonyms: successfully, famously, marvelously, wonderfully, fabulously, incredibly, splendidly, admirably, spectacularly, excellently, superbly


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Notice Of Completion

Business / Real Estate / Notice Of Completion: A document recorded to give constructive notice that a building job has been completed. MORE

Nowell Codex

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Protective Well

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