Science / Geology / Moraine: A glacial deposit of till left at the margin of an ice sheet. See specifically by name, ground moraine, longitudinal moraine, medial moraine, and terminal moraine.
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Terminal Moraine

Science / Geology / Terminal Moraine: A sinuous ridge of unsorted glacial till deposited by a glacier at the line of its farthest advance. MORE

Medial Moraine

Science / Geology / Medial Moraine: A streak of till in the center of a glacier. These are found downslope from the junction of two glaciers and are a merging of their lateral moraine deposits. MORE

Lateral Moraine

Science / Geology / Lateral Moraine: A moraine formed along the side of a valley glacier and composed of rock scraped off or fallen from the valley sides. MORE

Ground Moraine

Science / Geology / Ground Moraine: A glacial deposit of till with no marked relief, interpreted as having been transported at the base of the ice. MORE