Science / Geology / Magma: Molten rock material that forms igneous rocks upon cooling. Magma that reaches the surface is referred to as lava.
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Magma Chamber

Science / Geology / Magma Chamber: A full or emptied magma reservoir in the shallow portion of the lithosphere. MORE


Science / Geology / Phreatomagmatic: An explosive volcanic eruption initiated by the interaction of magma and water (usually either meteoric or groundwater). MORE

Magmatic Water

Science / Geology / Magmatic Water: Water that is dissolved in a magma or water that is released from a magma. Some magmas can contain up to several percent dissolved water by weight. MORE


Science / Geology / Lava: Magma or molten rock that has reached the surface. MORE

Volcanic Pipe

Science / Geology / Volcanic Pipe: A vertical or nearly vertical tunnel which connects a magma reservoir to the surface. Magma and gas travel up this tube to produce the eruption. After the eruption the tube can be filled with a coolin MORE