Mafic Mineral

Science / Geology / Mafic Mineral: A dark-colored mineral rich in iron and magnesium, especially a pyroxene, amphibole, or olivine.
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Science / Geology / Mineralogy: The study of minerals - their composition, structure, formation, uses, properties, occurrence and geographic distribution. MORE


Science / Biology / Mineralocorticoids: A group of steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex that are important in maintaining electrolyte balance. MORE


Science / Biology / Minerals: Trace elements required for normal metabolism, as components of cells and tissues, and in nerve conduction and muscle contraction. MORE

Opaque Mineral

Science / Geology / Opaque Mineral: A mineral which transmits no light through a thin section under a microscope. Usually a native metal, sulfide, or metallic oxide mineral. MORE

Ultramafic Rock

Science / Geology / Ultramafic Rock: An igneous rock consisting dominantly of mafic minerals, containing less than 10 percent feldspar. Includes dunite, peridotite, amphibolite, and pyroxenite. MORE

Ore Mineral

Science / Geology / Ore Mineral: A mineral that contains a high enough concentration of a useful element or compound that the element or compound can be extracted at a profit. MORE