Science / Geology / Lava: Magma or molten rock that has reached the surface.
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Lavaliere Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Lavaliere Microphone: A small microphone often clipped to a performer's tie or shirt. MORE

Primo Lavado

Life Style / Coffee / Primo Lavado: A grade of Mexico coffee that includes most of the fine coffees of that country. MORE

Lavado Fino

Life Style / Coffee / Lavado Fino: Best grade of Venezuela coffee. MORE

Lava Tube

Science / Geology / Lava Tube: A tunnel below the surface of a solidified lava flow, formed when the exterior portions of the flow solidify and the molten internal material is drained away. MORE


Health / Vitamins / Bioflavanoid: A biologically active plant compound thought to enhance the activity of vitamin C and exert antioxidant effects MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Balaclava: A Balaclava is a thin pull-over head and neck cover with eye slits for winter usage under a motorcycle helmet. MORE