Juvenile Gas

Science / Geology / Juvenile Gas: Gases that come to the surface for the first time from the deep interior.
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Juvenile Verb Synonyms: young, youthful, under age, minor, teenage(d), immature, adolescent, childish, infantile, babyish, puerile, unsophisticated

Megaspore Mother Cell

Science / Biology / Megaspore Mother Cell: Cells that undergo meiosis to produce megaspores. MORE


Science / Biology / Megaspores: Four haploid cells produced by meiosis in the ovule of a fiower. Usually, three of these cells degenerate, with the remaining cell becoming the female gametophyte phase of the plants life cycle. Large MORE

Natural Gas

Science / Chemistry / Natural Gas: A mixture of methane and other gases, found trapped over petroleum deposits under the earth. MORE

Noble Gas Core

Science / Chemistry / Noble Gas Core: All completely filled shells underneath the valence shell. MORE


Science / Genetics / Lligase: An enzyme that functions in dna repair. MORE

Liquefied Natural Gas (Lng)

Science / Geology / Liquefied Natural Gas (Lng): Natural gas that has been converted to the liquid state by reducing its temperature. (At standard surface temperature and pressure the liquification temperature is about -260 degrees Fahrenheit.) MORE