Science / Geology / Intrusive: Igneous rocks that crystallize below Earth's surface.
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Intrusive Noun Synonyms: intruding, interfering, meddlesome, invasive, meddling, prying, inquisitive, obtrusive, importunate, officious, presumptuous, forward, unwelcome, uncalled-for, unwanted, unsought, nosy, pushy, snoopy

Intrusive Schwa

Entertainment / Literature / Intrusive Schwa: In linguistics, the addition of a schwa sound where historically it has no etymological basis. For instance Algeo notes that some dialects add a schwa sound between the and in the name Henry, MORE

Intrusive Rock

Science / Geology / Intrusive Rock: Igneous rock that is interpreted as a former intrusion from its cross-cutting contacts, chilled margins, or other field relations. MORE

Intrusive R

Entertainment / Literature / Intrusive R: A type of linguistic intrusion in which the letter [r] appears in an etymologically unexpected location, such as as between two words in which one ends in a vowel and the next word begins in a vowel. MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Scumware: Intrusive software and programs which usually target ads, violate privacy, and are often installed without the computer owner knowing what the software does. MORE