Interior Drainage

Science / Geology / Interior Drainage: A system of streams that converge in a closed basin and evaporate without reaching the sea.
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Other Words for Interior

Interior Noun Synonyms: inside, internal, inner, inward
Interior Adjective Synonyms: inner, private, intimate, personal, individual, secret, hidden, veiled

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Health / Massage / Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: A hands-on method for lymphatic drainage involving flat hands, utilizing all of the fingers to stimulate wave-like movements. This enables the practitioner to feel the rhythm of the body fluids to det MORE

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Health / Massage / Lymph Drainage Therapy: Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) is unique in that healthcare professionals learn how to palpate the lymphatic flow. As they develop their skills, they can then identify the rhythm, direction, and quality MORE

Interior Scenes

Technology / Television (TV) / Interior Scenes: Scenes set inside, in particular on studio sets, though also including location interiors. MORE

Interior Monologue

Entertainment / Literature / Interior Monologue: A type of stream of consciousness in which the author depicts the interior thoughts of a single individual in the same order these thoughts occur inside that character's head. The author does not atte MORE

Manual Lymph Drainage

Health / Massage / Manual Lymph Drainage: The strokes applied in manual lymph drainage are intended to stimulate the movement of the lymphatic fluids in order to assist the body in cleansing. This is a gentle, rhythmical technique that cleans MORE

Radial Drainage

Science / Geology / Radial Drainage: A system of streams running in a radial pattern away from the center of a circular elevation, such as a volcano or dome. MORE