Hydrothermal Activity

Science / Geology / Hydrothermal Activity: Any process involving high-temperature groundwaters, especially the alteration and emplacement of minerals and the formation of hot springs and geysers.
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Other Words for Activity

Activity Noun Synonyms: action, movement, motion, vigor, vim, energy, liveliness, bustle

Optical Activity

Science / Chemistry / Optical Activity: A substance that is capable of rotating plane-polarized light. Molecules of an optically active substance cannot be superimposed on their own mirror images, just as your left hand cannot be superimpos MORE

Life Activity

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Life Activity: For purposes of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and ADA, functions that are limited by a person's disability such as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaki MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Interactivity: If your web site isn't interactive, it's dead. MORE

Passive Activity Loss (PAL)

Business / Finance / Passive Activity Loss (PAL): A loss incurred in participating in passive investing. MORE

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship

Science / Chemistry / Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship: A mathematical connection between chemical structure and biological activity, established by statistical analysis or pattern recognition techniques. MORE

Weekly Activity Report

Business / Real Estate / Weekly Activity Report: A weekly written report given to an owner by a listing broker reviewing the sales activities conducted by the broker to sell the listed property. MORE