Hot Spring

Science / Geology / Hot Spring: A spring whose waters are above both human body and soil temperature as a result of plutonism at depth.
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Other Words for Hot

Hot Noun Synonyms: fiery, white-hot, red-hot, piping hot, burning, blistering, scorching, roasting, frying, sizzling, searing, boiling, scalding, steaming, simmering, torrid, sweltering, sultry, heated
Hot Adjective Synonyms: intense, fervent, zealous, ardent, enthusiastic, passionate, fervid, vehement, excited, animated, impetuous, fiery, fierce, inflamed, sharp, violent

Other Words for Spring

Spring Verb Synonyms: start or begin or experience or cause to occur or appear or happen suddenly or unexpectedly, broach, pop, introduce or divulge or reveal or disclose suddenly or unexpectedly
Spring Noun Synonyms: leap, bound, jump, hop, vault, dart, fly, bounce


Science / Marine Biology / Phototactic: Moving in response to light MORE


Science / Biology / Photosystems: Clusters of several hundred molecules of chlorophyll in a thylakoid in which photosynthesis takes place. Eukaryotes have two types of photosystems: I and II. The series of green photoreceptive pigment MORE


Science / Biology / Phototrophs: Organisms that use sunlight to synthesize organic nutrients as their energy source; e.g., cyanobacteria, algae, and plants. MORE


Science / Biology / Phototropism: The reaction of plants to light in which the plants bend toward the light. Plant response to light by unequal growth caused by concentration of the plant hormone Indole Acetic Acid (IAA, an auxin) on MORE

Point-Of-View Shot

Technology / Television (TV) / Point-Of-View Shot: A shot in which the camera is physically situated very close to a character's position: thus the resulting shot approximates the character's point-of-view. MORE

Photosynthetic Rate

Science / Marine Biology / Photosynthetic Rate: The rate of conversion of dissolved carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ion to photosynthetic product MORE