Science / Geology / Gully: A small steep-sided valley or erosional channel from 1 meter to about 10 meters across.
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Gully Noun Synonyms: gulley, channel, river-bed, watercourse, gorge, ravine, canyon, notch, cut, pass, defile, valley, corridor, wadi, gill or ghyll, W arroyo , gulch

Gully Erosion

Business / Agriculture / Gully Erosion: Also called ephemeral gully erosion, this process occurs when water flows in narrow channels during or immediately after heavy rains or melting snow. A gully is sufficiently deep that it would not be MORE

Gully Washer

Science / Weather / Gully Washer: A heavy rain shower that occurs suddenly, possibly creating a flash flood. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Besterman: A typical protagonist or anti-hero from the science fiction stories of Alfred Bester, such as Ben Reich in The Demolished Man, or Gully Foyle of The Stars My Destination. These complex characters embo MORE