Ground Water

Science / Geology / Ground Water: Water that exists below the water table in the zone of saturation. Ground water moves slowly in the same direction that the water table slopes.
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Other Words for Ground

Ground Noun Synonyms: base, establish, organize, found, settle, set
Ground Adjective Synonyms: earth, soil, turf, sod, dirt, loam, clay, land, terrain

Other Words for Water

Water Noun Synonyms: H2O, distilled water, tap water, drinking-water, bottled water, spa water, still water, soda (water), effervescent water, mineral water, sea water, salt water, ditch-water, dishwater, bath-water, branch water, Adam's ale, Latin a

Swiss Water Process

Life Style / Coffee / Swiss Water Process: A trademarked decaffeination method that removes caffeine from coffee beans using hot water, steam, and activated charcoal rather than chemicals or solvents. MORE

Teeing Ground

Entertainment / Golf / Teeing Ground: (also 'teeing area, tee box, tee') the starting point of each hole, where the tee markers are MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Tidewater: Water activated by the tide generating forces and/or water affected by the resulting tide, especially in coastal and estuarine areas. Also, a general term often applied to the land and water of estuar MORE

Tonic Water

Entertainment / Liquor / Tonic Water: A carbonated beverage containing lemon, lime, and quinine, an alkaloid obtained from the cinchona bark. MORE

Surface Water

Health / Disease / Surface Water: Water on the surface of the earth, such as in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and springs [compare with groundwater]. MORE

Soda Water

Entertainment / Liquor / Soda Water: Salted water or water with other aditives often added to many mix drinks. MORE