Gravity Anomaly

Science / Geology / Gravity Anomaly: The value of gravity left after subtracting from a gravity measurement the reference value based on latitude, and possibly the free-air and Bouguer corrections.
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Other Words for Gravity

Gravity Noun Synonyms: seriousness, acuteness, immediacy, importance, significance, weight, magnitude, severity, urgency, exigency, momentousness, weightiness
Gravity Adjective Synonyms: gravitation, attraction

Magnetic Anomaly

Science / Geology / Magnetic Anomaly: The value of the local magnetic field remaining after the subtraction of the dipole portion of the Earth's field. MORE

Specific Gravity

Science / Chemistry / Specific Gravity: The mass of a unit volume of a substance relative to the mass of a unit volume of water. Temperature must be specified when reporting specific gravities, since the density of the substance and of wate MORE

Specific Volume Anomaly, Or Steric Anomaly

Science / Tides and Currents / Specific Volume Anomaly, Or Steric Anomaly: The excess in specific volume over the standard specific volume at 35 ‰, 0°C, and the given pressure. See thermosteric anomaly and specific volume. MORE

Thermosteric Anomaly

Science / Tides and Currents / Thermosteric Anomaly: The specific volume anomaly (steric anomaly) that would be attained if the water were changed isothermally to a standard pressure of one atmosphere. The specific volume anomaly with pressure terms omi MORE

Gravity Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Gravity Wave: A wave for which the restoring force is gravity. MORE

Gravity Survey

Science / Geology / Gravity Survey: The measurement of gravity at regularly spaced grid points with repetitions to control instrument drift. MORE