Glacier Surge

Science / Geology / Glacier Surge: A period of unusually rapid movement of one glacier, sometimes lasting more than a year.
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Other Words for Surge

Surge Verb Synonyms: swell, wave, billow, bulge, heave, roll, undulate, well forth or up, rise and fall, ebb and flow, pulsate, rush, gush, pour, flood, stream, flow


Science / Weather / Surge: The increase in sea water height from the level that would normally occur were there no storm. Although the most dramatic surges are associated with hurricanes, even smaller low pressure systems can c MORE

Storm Surge

Science / Geology / Storm Surge: The piling up of water along a shoreline cause by the sustained winds of a strong storm - usually a hurricane.. MORE

Surge Marks

Entertainment / Photography / Surge Marks: Streaks on the image from each of the sprockets holes of 35mm film caused by excessive agitation. MORE

Surge Protection

Technology / Motors / Surge Protection: A capacitor device usually mounted in the conduit box to flatten the voltage surges that may occur as a result of lighting or a power supply surge (short-period peak). These surges could result in mor MORE

Valley Glacier

Science / Geology / Valley Glacier: A glacier that is smaller than a continental glacier or an icecap, and which flows mainly along well-defined valleys, many with tributaries. MORE


Health / Acupuncture / Surgery: The word 'surgery' has multiple meanings. It is the branch of medicine concerned with diseases and conditions which require or are amenable to operative procedures. Surgery is the work done by a surge MORE