Geothermal Gradient

Science / Geology / Geothermal Gradient: The progressive increase of temperature with depth into the Earth.
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Horizontal Pressure Gradient Force

Science / Tides and Currents / Horizontal Pressure Gradient Force: The horizontal component of the product of the specific volume and the rate of decrease in pressure with distance. MORE

Latitudinal Diversity Gradient

Science / Biology / Latitudinal Diversity Gradient: The decrease in species richness that occurs as one moves away from the equator. MORE

Latitudinal Gradient

Science / Biology / Latitudinal Gradient: As latitude increases, a gradient of cooler, drier conditions occurs. MORE

Pressure Gradient

Science / Weather / Pressure Gradient: The amount of pressure change that occurs over a fixed distance at a fixed altitude. MORE

Gradient Wind

Science / Weather / Gradient Wind: A steady horizontal air motion along curved parallel isobars or contours in an unchanging pressure or contour field, assuming there is no friction and no divergence or convergence. MORE

Gradient Flow

Science / Tides and Currents / Gradient Flow: A solution of the relative hydrodynamic equations of motion in which only the horizontal Coriolis, pressure gradient, and centrifugal forces are considered. MORE