Gathering Pipeline

Science / Geology / Gathering Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas between a production well and a main transmission line.
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Other Words for Gathering

Gathering Verb Synonyms: assembly, convocation, convention, congress, assemblage, meeting, get-together, turnout, conclave, rally, aggregation

Other Words for Pipeline

Pipeline Verb Synonyms: pipe, tube, duct, hose, line, main, conduit, passage, conveyor, channel

Mortgage Pipeline Risk

Business / Finance / Mortgage Pipeline Risk: The risk associated with taking applications from prospective mortgage borrowers who may opt to decline to accept a quoted mortgage rate within a certain grace period. MORE


Business / Finance / Pipeline: The underwriting process that must be completed with the SEC before a security can be offered for sale to the public. MORE

Pipeline Burst Cache

Technology / Computers / Pipeline Burst Cache: A type of memory cache built into many modern DRAM controller and chipset designs. Pipeline burst caches use two techniques - a burst mode that pre-fetches memory contents before they are requested, a MORE

Transmission Pipeline

Science / Geology / Transmission Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas from a region where it is produced to a region where it is stored or consumed. MORE

Mortgage Pipeline

Business / Finance / Mortgage Pipeline: The period from the taking of applications from prospective mortgage borrowers to the marketing of the loans. MORE

Gathering System

Science / Geology / Gathering System: A network of small pipelines that connect producing wells to the main transmission system. MORE