Gaging Station

Science / Geology / Gaging Station: A facility on a stream, lake, canal, reservoir or other water body where instruments are installed to automatically monitor the water. Measurments such as stage, discharge, water temperature and pH are automatically taken and transmitted to hydrologists via satellite, radio or telephone. Measurements from these stations are useful for a wide variety of flood prediction, water management, recreation and navigation purposes.
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Other Words for Station

Station Noun Synonyms: position, place, status, rank, caste, standing, class, level
Station Adjective Synonyms: place, position, spot, post, site, location

Station Pressure

Science / Weather / Station Pressure: The atmospheric pressure with respect to the station elevation. MORE

Stationary Bike

Health / Fitness / Stationary Bike: A cardiovascular machine that comes in two styles upright bikes and recumbent bikes. MORE

Stationary Front

Science / Weather / Stationary Front: A front which is nearly stationary or moves very little since the last synoptic position. May be known as a quasi-stationary front. MORE