Fossil Fuel

Science / Geology / Fossil Fuel: A general term for combustible geologic deposits of carbon in reduced (organic) form and of biological origin, including coal, oil, natural gas, oil shales, and tar sands.
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Other Words for Fuel

Fuel Verb Synonyms: tinder, combustible, kindling, fossil or nuclear fuel
Fuel Noun Synonyms: nourishment, nutriment, sustenance, food, nutrition

Fuel Injection

Technology / Motorcycle / Fuel Injection: A device that serves the same function as a carburetor, but uses computer-controlled jets to inject atomized fuel and air into the air stream going into the engine. (See EFI). MORE

Fuel Gas

Business / Machine Shop / Fuel Gas: A gas such as acetylene, natural gas, hydrogen, propane, stabilized methylacetylene propadiene and other fuels normally used with oxygen in one of the oxyfuel processes and for heating. MORE

Fuel Charge

Life Style / Travel / Fuel Charge: Amount charged if car renter does not fill the car’s gas tank. MORE

Fuel Pressure Gage

Technology / Aviation / Fuel Pressure Gage: a gage that indicates the pressure at which fuel is delivered to the carburetor. MORE


Science / Geology / Nannofossils: A generic term used in reference to very small fossils that are at the limit of resolution by a light microscope. They are therefore studied with electron microscopes and are frequently fossil discoas MORE

Trace Fossil

Science / Biology / Trace Fossil: Any indication of prehistoric organic activity, such as tracks, trails, burrows, or nests. MORE