Science / Geology / Fossil: Remains, imprints or traces of an ancient organism that have been preserved in the rock record. Bones, shells, casts, tracks and excrement can all become fossils.
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Body Fossil

Science / Biology / Body Fossil: The actual remains (however permineralized, compressed or otherwise post-mortem altered) of an organism; includes bones, shells, and teeth. MORE

Trace Fossil

Science / Biology / Trace Fossil: Any indication of prehistoric organic activity, such as tracks, trails, burrows, or nests. MORE

Fossil Record

Science / Biology / Fossil Record: 1. The observed remains of once-living organisms taken as a whole. 2. the album Meet the Beatles. MORE


Science / Geology / Nannofossils: A generic term used in reference to very small fossils that are at the limit of resolution by a light microscope. They are therefore studied with electron microscopes and are frequently fossil discoas MORE

Fossil Fuels

Science / Biology / Fossil Fuels: Fuels that are formed in the Earth from plant or animal remains; e.g., coal, petroleum, and natural gas. MORE

Fossil Fuel

Science / Geology / Fossil Fuel: A general term for combustible geologic deposits of carbon in reduced (organic) form and of biological origin, including coal, oil, natural gas, oil shales, and tar sands. MORE