Fissure Vein

Science / Geology / Fissure Vein: A cleft or crack in the rock material of the earth's crust, filled with mineral matter different from the walls and precipitated therin from aqueous solution.
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Other Words for Vein

Vein Verb Synonyms: seam, lode, stratum, course, deposit, bed
Vein Adjective Synonyms: thread, hint, suggestion, touch, trace, streak, line, strain, mood, spirit, tone, note, tenor, feeling, attitude, disposition, humour, temper, tendency or inclination or proclivity toward(s)
Vein Noun Synonyms: blood-vessel, nervure

Pulmonary Vein

Science / Biology / Pulmonary Vein: The vein that carries oxygenated blood from the lungs to the left atrium of the heart. Veins carrying oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart. MORE


Health / First Aid / Vein: A blood vessel that carries blood toward the heart: most veins carry low-oxygen blood MORE


Science / Biology / Veins: Thin-walled vessels that carry blood to the heart. Units of the circulatory system that carry blood to the heart. MORE

Leaf Veins

Science / Biology / Leaf Veins: Vascular tissue in leaves, arranged in a net-like network (reticulate vennation) in dicots, and running parallel (parallel vennation) to each other in monocots. MORE

Hydrothermal Vein

Science / Geology / Hydrothermal Vein: A deposit of minerals precipitated in a fracture by the actions of hot water or gases associated with a magmatic source. MORE


Science / Geology / Fissure: An extensive crack, break, or fracture in the rocks. MORE