Science / Geology / Eon: The major divisions of the geologic time scale. Eons are divided into intervals know as 'eras'. Two eons of the geologic time scale are the Phanerozoic (570 million years ago to present) and the Cryptozoic (4,600 million years ago until 570 million years ago).
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Science / Biology / Paleontology: The study of ancient life by collection and analysis of fossils. MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Paeon: Greek and latin metrical foot consisting of three short and one long syllables: the first paeon / ' ~ ~ ~ /, the second paeon / ~ ' ~ ~ /, the third paeon / ~ ~ ' ~ /, and the fourth paeon / ~ ~ ~ ' / MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pantheon: (1) A pantheon is a collective term for all the gods believed to exist in a particular religious belief or mythos. Thus, we can talk of the Hittite pantheon, the Greek pantheon, etc. (2) The Pantheon MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pleonasm: A habit of speech or writing in which an idea repeats itself in a single sentence, i.e., a redundancy. For example, 'tiny little town' is a pleonasm, as opposed to 'tiny town' or 'little town.' Most m MORE

Trismus Nascentium Or Neonatorum

Health / Disease / Trismus Nascentium Or Neonatorum: A form of tetanus seen only in infants, almost invariably in the first five days of life. MORE

Sturgeons Law

Entertainment / Literature / Sturgeons Law: When asked why so much of science fiction consisted of 'crap' (junk literature), science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, reportedly responded that '90% of everything was crap.' His point was that, y MORE