Science / Geology / Divide: A ridge of high ground separating two drainage basins emptied by different streams.
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Divide Verb Synonyms: separate, split (up), break up, cleave, cut up or asunder, partition, segregate, subdivide, disconnect, disjoin, detach, sever, sunder, part

Participating Dividend

Business / Finance / Participating Dividend: Dividend received from ownership of participating preferred stock. MORE

Spring Dividers

Business / Machine Shop / Spring Dividers: Dividers whose legs are held together at the hinged end by the pressure of a C-shaped spring. MORE

Dividend Yield

Business / Finance / Dividend Yield: Used for listed equity securities. Method of buying and selling stocks around their ex-dividend dates so as to collect the dividend (which is 80% tax-exempt) offset by a fully-taxable capital loss. Pr MORE

Dividend Requirement

Business / Finance / Dividend Requirement: Automatic reinvestment of shareholder dividends in more shares of a company's stock, often without commissions. Some plans provide for the purchase of additional shares at a discount to market price. MORE


Business / Accounting / Dividend: A payment to shareholders that a company’s board of directors approves from earnings. MORE

Dividends 12 Months

Business / Finance / Dividends 12 Months: Each year's cash dividends per share as a percent of earnings per share reported for the same year. Dividends include all cash extras (but not stock dividends). MORE