Science / Geology / Discontinuity: A surface separating rock layers of differing properties or compositions. (See seismic discontinuity.)
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Seismic Discontinuity

Science / Geology / Seismic Discontinuity: A surface within the Earth across which P-wave or S-wave velocities change rapidly, usually by more than +~0.2 kilometer/second. MORE

Redox-Potential Discontinuity

Science / Marine Biology / Redox-Potential Discontinuity: That depth below the sediment-water interface marking the transition from chemically oxidative to reducing processes MORE

Mohorovic Discontinuity

Science / Geology / Mohorovic Discontinuity: The boundary between crust and mantle, marked by a rapid increase in seismic wave velocity to more than 8 kilometers per second. Depth: 5 to 45 kilometers. Abbreviated 'Moho' or 'M-discontinuity.' MORE