Contact Metamorphism

Science / Geology / Contact Metamorphism: Mineralogical and textural changes and deformation of rock resulting from the head and pressure of an igneous intrusion in the near vicinity.
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Contact Noun Synonyms: junction, conjunction, connection

Hydrothermal Metamorphism

Science / Geology / Hydrothermal Metamorphism: Alteration of rock by hot waters or gases associated with a magmatic source. MORE

Drawing Contact

Entertainment / Basketball / Drawing Contact: An offensive move intended to produce a foul call on the defensive player. A typical strategy is to drive into a defensive player whose feet are not stationary. When the two players make bodily contac MORE

Contact Screen

Entertainment / Photography / Contact Screen: Type of half-tone screen in which the dots consist of slightly unsharp halos. Used to make half-tone images. MORE

Incidental Contact

Entertainment / Basketball / Incidental Contact: Minor, usually inadvertent contact, that is usually ignored by officials. MORE


Science / Geology / Metamorphism: The changes of mineralogy and texture imposed on a rock by pressure and temperature in the Earth's interior. Meteoric water: Rainwater, snow, hail, and sleet. MORE

Retrograde Metamorphism

Science / Geology / Retrograde Metamorphism: Mineral changes within a rock that are caused by adjustments to conditions of reduced temperature and pressure. MORE