Coastal Plain

Science / Geology / Coastal Plain: An area of low relief along a continental margin that is underlain by thick, gently dipping sediments.
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Other Words for Plain

Plain Noun Synonyms: flat, smooth, even, featureless, level, plane
Plain Verb Synonyms: clear, evident, simple, distinct, crystal clear, lucid, vivid, transparent, apparent, obvious, patent, self-evident, manifest, distinct, unmistakable or unmistakeable, unequivocal, unambiguous, understandable, intelligible, graphic, direct, in black and white
Plain Adjective Synonyms: activity, enterprise, programme, undertaking, venture, assignment, commitment, obligation, contract, engagement, occupation, job, work

Plain Cutter

Business / Machine Shop / Plain Cutter: A milling cutter with cutting teeth on the periphery (circumference) only. MORE


Life Style / Tea / Plain: tea taster's term to denote dull liquor with sour taste MORE


Science / Geology / Peneplain: A hypothetical extensive area of low elevation and relief reduced to near sea level by a long period of erosion and representing the end product of the ideal geomorphic cycle. MORE

Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTL)

Business / Internet Marketing / Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTL): Unless you are reading this at a high-tech company or large corporation -- which has ISDN or T1 lines -- chances are you accessed over POTS, copper wires that transmit at about 28.8 Kbps. Which means MORE

Plain Text

Technology / Email / Plain Text: Text in an email message that includes no formatting code. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Plaintiff: A person who brings an action, the party who complains or sues in a personal action and is so named on the record. MORE