Science / Geology / Coal: A brown or black sedimentary rock that forms from accumulated plant debris. A combustible rock that contains at least 50% (by weight) carbon compounds. Picture of Coal.
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Science / Weather / Coalescence: The merging of two water drops into a single larger drop. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Coalescing: The settling or drying of an emulsion paint as the water evaporates. MORE

Coal Liquefaction

Science / Geology / Coal Liquefaction: The process of converting solid coal into a liquid fuel such as synthetic crude oil or methanol. MORE

Coal Gasification

Science / Geology / Coal Gasification: The process of converting solid coal into gas, usually by heating. The gas is then used as a fuel or processed into a chemical or liquid fuel. MORE

Bituminous Coal

Science / Geology / Bituminous Coal: A rank of coal that falls between anthracite and semi-bituminous. The most abundant rank of coal. Frequently referred to by the layman as 'soft coal'. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Charcoal: One of the oldest drawing materials, charred sticks were used with the early cave-paintings. The Romans used them and throughout the history of art the material crops up again and again. It was often MORE