Science / Geology / Clastic: A sedimentary rock (such as shale, siltstone, sandstone or conglomerate) or sediment (such as mud, silt, sand, or pebbles). An accumulation of transported weathering debris.
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Pyroclastic Texture

Science / Geology / Pyroclastic Texture: The unsorted, angular, and un-rounded texture of the fragments in a pyroclastic rock. MORE

Pyroclastic Rock

Science / Geology / Pyroclastic Rock: A rock formed when small particles of magma are blown from the vent of a volcano by escaping gas. MORE

Pyroclastic Flow

Science / Geology / Pyroclastic Flow: A hot, high-velocity mixture of ash, gas and fragmented rock that flows like a liquid down slopes and over terrain. MORE

Clastic Rock

Science / Geology / Clastic Rock: A sedimentary rock formed from mineral particles (clasts) that were mechanically transported. MORE

Cataclastic Rock

Science / Geology / Cataclastic Rock: A breccia of powdered rock formed by crushing and shearing during tectonic movements. MORE