Christmas Tree

Science / Geology / Christmas Tree: The valves, pipes and fittings installed above ground surface at an oil or gas well site. These control and direct the flow of natural gas or oil produced from the well.
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Business / Finance / Street: (1) Not a member of the participating party in the trade at hand; (2) not a meaningful indication of a customer's desire to take a sizable position or be involved in a stock. MORE

Street Name

Business / Finance / Street Name: Means Wall Street financial community; brokers, dealers, underwriters, and other knowledgeable participants. MORE

Streetfighter Motorcycle

Technology / Motorcycle / Streetfighter Motorcycle: A custom sport bike noted for having an “aggressive” appearance, often as a result of modified or removed fairings, distinctive paint designs, as well as additional high-performance parts and acce MORE

Tea Tree

Life Style / Tea / Tea Tree: A tea bush or plant which has been allowed to return to its wild state and grow back into a tree. MORE

Julian Christmas

Life Style / Holiday / Julian Christmas: Ukrainians and many others from the Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 7, On Christmas Eve, January 6 a lighted candle is placed in the window to guide travellers, in memory of M MORE

Jewish New Year of the Trees

Life Style / Holiday / Jewish New Year of the Trees: On the Jewish calendar there are four New Years: One for the months, one for the creation of the world, one for the kings and one for the trees. Celebrated in January or February. MORE