Chemical Weathering

Science / Geology / Chemical Weathering: The breaking down of surface rock material by solution or chemical alteration. Common alteration processes are oxidation and hydrolysis.
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Fire Retardant Chemical

Business / Construction / Fire Retardant Chemical: A chemical or preparation of chemicals used to reduce the flammability of a material or to retard the spread of flame. MORE

Indicator Chemical

Entertainment / Photography / Indicator Chemical: Neutral chemical which can be added to a sample of a solution to indicate its ph level or the presence of hypo. MORE

Mechanical Weathering

Science / Geology / Mechanical Weathering: A general term applied to a variety of weathering processes that result in the particle size reduction of rock materials with no change in composition. Frost action, salt crystal growth and pressure r MORE

Electrochemical Cell

Science / Chemistry / Electrochemical Cell: A device that uses a redox reaction to produce electricity, or a device that uses electricity to drive a redox reaction in the desired direction. MORE

Dose (Radioactive Chemicals)

Health / Disease / Dose (Radioactive Chemicals): The radiation dose is the amount of energy from radiation that is actually absorbed by the body. This is not the same as measurements of the amount of radiation in the environment. MORE

Chemical Sedimentary Rock

Science / Geology / Chemical Sedimentary Rock: A rock that forms from the precipitation of mineral material from solution. Examples are chert and rock salt. MORE