Chemical Sedimentary Rock

Science / Geology / Chemical Sedimentary Rock: A rock that forms from the precipitation of mineral material from solution. Examples are chert and rock salt.
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Other Words for Rock

Rock Adjective Synonyms: crag, tor, escarpment, scarp, outcrop, outcropping
Rock Noun Synonyms: stone, boulder

Rock And Rye

Entertainment / Liquor / Rock And Rye: An amber-colored American liqueur originally made from rye whiskey and rock candy. MORE

Rock And Roll

Entertainment / Music / Rock And Roll: American popular music style first heard in the 1950s: derived from the union of African-American rhythm and blues, country-western, and pop music. MORE

Rock 1, 2, 3

Business / Construction / Rock 1, 2, 3: When referring to drywall, this means to install drywall to the walls and ceilings (with nails and screws), and before taping is performed. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Rock: The bowling ball. MORE

Rock Band

Entertainment / Music / Rock Band: Popular music ensemble that depends on amplified strings, percussion, and electronically generated sounds. MORE

Rock Cycle

Science / Geology / Rock Cycle: The geologic cycle, with emphasis on the rocks produced: sedimentary rocks are metamorphosed to metamorphic rocks, or melted to create igneous rocks, and all rocks may be uplifted and eroded to make s MORE