Chemical Sediment

Science / Geology / Chemical Sediment: One that is formed at or near its place of deposition by chemical precipitation, usually from seawater.
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Other Words for Sediment

Sediment Noun Synonyms: lees, dregs, deposit, grounds, precipitate, remains, residue, settlings, residuum, detritus

Net Chemical Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Net Chemical Reaction: A reaction that actually occurs as several elementary steps. Equations for net reactions often omit intermediates and catalysts. MORE

Pelagic Sediment

Science / Geology / Pelagic Sediment: A ocean sediment that accumulates far enough from land that detrital materials are a minor component. These sediments are largely composed of the tiny shell debris of radiolarians and foraminifera. MORE


Science / Geology / Petrochemicals: Organic and inorganic compounds and mixtures that are derived from petroleum. These include: organic chemicals, cyclic inter¬mediates, plastics, resins, synthetic fibers, elastomers, organic dyes, or MORE

Phyto-Chemical Concentrates

Health / Vitamins / Phyto-Chemical Concentrates: Chemical constituents of plants part of its defense system, others than proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals used in human nutrition, enhance overall health, act as detoxifying agents, MORE

Indicator Chemical

Entertainment / Photography / Indicator Chemical: Neutral chemical which can be added to a sample of a solution to indicate its ph level or the presence of hypo. MORE

Fire Retardant Chemical

Business / Construction / Fire Retardant Chemical: A chemical or preparation of chemicals used to reduce the flammability of a material or to retard the spread of flame. MORE