Carbonate Platform

Science / Geology / Carbonate Platform: A submarine or intertidal shelf whose elevation is maintained by active shallow water carbonate deposition.
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Other Words for Platform

Platform Noun Synonyms: stand, dais, stage, podium, rostrum

Platform Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Platform Game: A game that requires you to jump on platforms of various sizes. These games also typically involve collecting items and jumping on enemies. Examples include Super Mario Bros (NES) and Sonic the Hedgeh MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Platform: Same as approach (1). MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Platformer: A style of gameplay typified by a mix of running, jumping, and fighting. The style of game often includes item collection within the game world. A classic example of a 'platformer' or 'platform game' MORE

Potassium Carbonate

Entertainment / Photography / Potassium Carbonate: Highly soluble alkaline accelerator used in most general purpose and print developing solutions. MORE

Stratospheric Platform

Technology / Cell Phones / Stratospheric Platform: Blimp-like platform for wireless telephone service in urban areas. MORE

Sodium Carbonate

Entertainment / Photography / Sodium Carbonate: Alkaline accelerator used in many general purpose and print developers. MORE