Science / Geology / Butte: A conspicuous hill with steep sides and a flat top. The top is usually a cap-rock of resistant material. This structure is frequently an erosional remnant in an area of flat-lying sedimentary rocks.
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Butterworth Crossover

Technology / Home Audio / Butterworth Crossover: A type of crossover circuit utilizing low-pass filter design characterized by having a maximally flat magnitude response, i.e., no variation in the amplitude response in the domain of the passband. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Buttery: A relatively high level of oily material suspended in the coffee beverage. The result of substantial amounts of fat present in the beans. Most often a characteristic of high coffee-to-water ratio brew MORE


Business / Finance / Butterfly: In the context of equities, a firm with two divisions may split into two companies and issue original shareholders two shares (one in each of the new companies) for every old share they have. MORE

Butternut Bark (Juglans cinera)

Health / Herbs / Butternut Bark (Juglans cinera): Eliminates intestinal worms, a mild laxative, increases secretion of bile and activity of glands in the walls of the intestinal tract. MORE

Butterfly Spread

Business / Finance / Butterfly Spread: Applies to derivative products. Complex option strategy that involves selling two calls and buying two calls on the same or different markets, with several maturity dates. One of the options has a hig MORE

Butterfly Lighting

Entertainment / Photography / Butterfly Lighting: Lighting in which the main source of light is -placed high and directly in front of the subject. MORE