Science / Geology / Bedding: The characteristic structure of sedimentary rocks in which layers of different composition, grain size or arrangement are stacked one on top of another in a sequence with oldest at the bottom and youngest at the top.
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Graded Bedding

Science / Geology / Graded Bedding: A rock layer that has a progressive change in particle size from top to bottom. Most common is a sequence with coarse grains at the bottom and fining upwards, which is typically caused by a declining MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Featherbedding: An unfair labor practice occurring when a union requires an employer to pay an employee for services he or she did not perform. MORE

Biogenic Graded Bedding

Science / Marine Biology / Biogenic Graded Bedding: A regular change of sediment median grain size with depth below the sediment-water interface caused by the activities of burrowing organisms MORE

Bedding Plane

Science / Geology / Bedding Plane: A distinct surface of contact between two sedimentary rock layers. MORE