Barrier Island

Science / Geology / Barrier Island: A long, narrow island parallel to the shore, composed of sand and built by wave action.
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Other Words for Barrier

Barrier Noun Synonyms: bar, fence, railing, wall, ditch, ha-ha

Other Words for Island

Island Adjective Synonyms: isle, islet, ait, cay, key, atoll, archipelago, eyot, holm

Nontariff Barriers (NTB�s)

Business / Agriculture / Nontariff Barriers (NTB�s): Any restriction, charge, or policy other than a tariff, that limits access of imported goods. Examples of nontariff barriers include quantitative restrictions, mainly import quotas and embargoes: impo MORE

Private Island

Life Style / Travel / Private Island: An island or beach property leased or owned by a cruise line for the specific use of its cruise passengers. Private islands typically offer an array of beach and water sports. MORE

Technical Barriers To Trade (Tbts)

Business / Agriculture / Technical Barriers To Trade (Tbts): A category of nontariff barriers to trade, tbts are the widely divergent measures that countries use to regulate markets, protect their consumers, or preserve their natural resources (among other obje MORE

Vapor Barrier

Business / Construction / Vapor Barrier: A building product installed on exterior walls and ceilings under the drywall and on the warm side of the insulation. It is used to retard the movement of water vapor into walls and prevent condensati MORE

Cpg Islands

Science / Genetics / Cpg Islands: Areas of multiple cg repeats in dna. MORE

Cape Verde Islands

Science / Weather / Cape Verde Islands: A group of volcanic islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. A Cape Verde hurricane originates near here. MORE