Bankfull Stage

Science / Geology / Bankfull Stage: A height of water in a stream that completely fills the natural channel. If the water rises any higher a flood will occur.
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Other Words for Stage

Stage Noun Synonyms: platform, dais, podium, rostrum
Stage Verb Synonyms: position, situation, grade, level, stratum, tier, echelon, step, station, place, point, spot, juncture, division, phase, lap, status, condition

Sound Stage

Technology / Television (TV) / Sound Stage: A large room designed for the filming or videotaping of programs. Sets are arranged on the stage in a variety of ways, depending mostly upon the presence/absence of a studio audience. MORE

Second Stage Surgery

Health / Dentistry / Second Stage Surgery: In relation to die subperiosteal implant, this refers to die reopening of the tissue, placement of the framework which was constructed, after the first stage surgery. For endosteal submerged implants, MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Rearstage: The section of the stage farthest away from the viewing audience, the back of the visible stage as opposed to 'backstage' and out of sight. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Soundstage: The position (front/back and high/low) that music or sound appears to be originating from, as well as the apparent depth of the stage. A car with speakers only in the front will likely have a forward MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Stage: An area set aside or deliberately constructed as a place for actors, dancers, musicians, or singers to perform. Often (but not always) a stage is located in an indoor theater or a large outdoor arena. MORE

Thrust Stage

Entertainment / Literature / Thrust Stage: Another term for an apron stage. MORE