Science / Geology / Angstrom: A length of 10 to the minus tenth meter or one hundred millionth of a centimeter.
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Science / Spiders / Defocus: defocus setting (with reference to the Gaussian focus) in the electron microscope, normally given in Angstrom units, which determines the shape of the CTF. For different settings of the defocus, diffe MORE

Pixel Size

Science / Spiders / Pixel Size: the number of Angstroms per pixel in the digitized micrograph. Pixel size is computed as ps (A/p) = [10,000(A/u) * SR(u) * DF] / M, where ps = pixelsize, SR = scanning resolution, DF = decimation fact MORE


Science / Chemistry / Nanometer: A unit of length, equal to 10-9 meters, and equal to 10 Å (Angstroms). MORE