Alluvial Fan

Science / Geology / Alluvial Fan: A fan-shaped wedge of sediment that typically accumulates on land where a stream emerges from a steep canyon onto a flat area. In map view it has the shape of an open fan. Typically forms in arid or semiarid climates.
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Other Words for Fan

Fan Adjective Synonyms: admirer, enthusiast, adherent, devotee, aficionado, follower, supporter, lover, zealot, buff, fiend, hound, bug, addict, nut, booster, junkie, freak, groupie

Infant Massage Instruction

Health / Massage / Infant Massage Instruction: Qualified instructors teach parents how to properly massage their infants. Infant massage is also utilized in hospital neonatal care units. This specialized form of touch is successful, not only in th MORE

Marfan Syndrome

Science / Genetics / Marfan Syndrome: Autosomal dominant condition of connective tissue: affects the skeletal, ocular and cardiovascular systems. MORE

Infant Massage

Health / Massage / Infant Massage: Various gentle touch-therapy methods for infants, performed by parents. MORE

Infant Industry Argument

Business / Finance / Infant Industry Argument: The category describing a company's primary business activity. This category is usually determined by the largest portion of revenue. MORE

Infant Damnation

Entertainment / Literature / Infant Damnation: A rather grim Protestant doctrine associated with Puritan theologian John Calvin. It is closely associated with the doctrines of 'Total Depravity,' 'Original Sin,' and 'The Elect.' The idea of Infant MORE

Infant Formula Cost-Containment

Business / Agriculture / Infant Formula Cost-Containment: Refers to statutory provisions in the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 that require state WIC agencies to solicit bids to infant formula companies for the sale of infant formula used in WIC food packages. MORE