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Tour Wholesaler

Life Style / Travel / Tour Wholesaler: A company that usually creates and certainly markets inclusive tours and independent tours for sale through travel agents. Often used interchangeably with tour operator, but several distinctions might be drawn: (1) a wholesaler presumably sells nothing at retail; a tour operator often does both; (2) a wholesaler does not always create his own products; a tour operator virtually always does; (3) a wholesaler is less inclined than a tour operator to perform local services. Often these distinctions are not made because many travel companies perform any or all of the functions of travel agent, tour operator and wholesaler.
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Other Words for Tour

Tour Adjective Synonyms: journey, trip, excursion, outing, expedition, voyage, trek, peregrination, jaunt, junket
Tour Noun Synonyms: journey, travel, voyage, visit, trip, trek, sightsee, cruise, globe-trot


Life Style / Travel / TOUR MANAGER : A person who supervises an escorted tour to oversee the group and to make sure that everything runs smoothly MORE

Tour Operator

Life Style / Travel / Tour Operator: A company that creates and/or markets inclusive tours and/or performs tour services and/or subcontracts their performance. Most tour operators sell through travel agents and directly to clients. See t MORE

Tour Shells

Life Style / Travel / Tour Shells: Brochures containing artwork, graphics and/or illustrations but bare of copy, which are overprinted by individual tour operators or wholesalers with their contact information. MORE