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Life Style / College / Purge: The 'purge' is the date that registered students with any balance due will be deleted from all classes. Three things can protect you from the purge.
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Other Words for Purge

Purge Adjective Synonyms: cleanse, purify, clean (out), clear, scour (out), depurate, deterge, wash (out)
Purge Verb Synonyms: ejection, eradication, expulsion, elimination, dismissal, clearing out or away, ousting, ouster, removal, routing out, weeding out, rooting out, unseating, defenestration, extermination, liquidation, killing, murder, slaughter
Purge Noun Synonyms: eject, eradicate, expel, eliminate, get rid of, dismiss, clear out or away, sweep away or out, oust, remove, rout out, weed out, root out, do away with, exterminate, liquidate, kill, destroy

Do Not Purge

Life Style / College / Do Not Purge: The 'Do Not Purge' is a payment plan with a single payoff date. It is called the 'Do Not Purge' plan because it protects your schedule from the purge. You can break the balance due up into any kind of MORE

Gas Purged Pressure Gauge

Science / Tides and Currents / Gas Purged Pressure Gauge: A type of water level gauge in which gas, usually nitrogen, is emitted from a submerged orifice at a constant rate. Fluctuations in hydrostatic pressure due to changes in water level modify the record MORE