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Life Style / Christmas / Advent: The coming (or second coming) of Jesus Christ; the month leading up to Christmas. Also in modern days this also signifies the beginning of Christmas shopping.
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Entertainment / Video Games / Adventure: Adventure games tend to be quest based, and include exploration, puzzle-solving, and expansive story lines. The vast majority of adventure games are designed as single-player experiences. MORE

Adventitious Roots

Science / Biology / Adventitious Roots: Roots that develop from the stem following the death of the primary root. Branches from the adventitious roots form a fibrous root system in which all roots are about the same size; occur in monocots. MORE

Adventure Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Adventure Game: A game that involves exploration, character interaction, story, and puzzle solving. Different from an RPG in that the adventure game usually does not include 'hit points' or fighting. MORE

Adventure Novel

Entertainment / Literature / Adventure Novel: Any novel in which exciting events and fast paced actions are more important than character development, theme, or symbolism. Examples include Alexandre Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three MORE

Soft Adventure

Life Style / Travel / Soft Adventure: An outdoor travel experience that is not especially physically demanding, such as a canyon horseback trail ride or a hot-air balloon flight. MORE

Easter Eggs

Entertainment / Video Games / Easter Eggs: Hidden features inside of video games. The first Easter Egg was a hidden room inside the Atari 2600 game Adventure (1980). These can also take the form of built-in cheat codes. MORE