A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens classic story about greed at Christmas. The most famous character, Scrooge, is now a
Advent: The coming (or second coming) of Jesus Christ; the month leading up to Christmas. Also in modern day
Angel: A spiritual being acting as a messenger of God (usually shown as a human being with wings).
Berry: A small round fruit, also used as a common Christmas decoration.
Bethlehem: The small town in the Middle East believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
Candle: A cylinder of wax with a central wick (like string) which burns to produce light.
Carving The Bird: Cutting the meat and handing it out to people is called ‘carving’ the bird.
Chestnuts: Are commonly eaten at Christmas. There’s a famous Christmas song, Chestnuts roasting by an open fi
Chimney: A vertical pipe in a house that allows smoke and gases to escape from a fireplace (Santa Clause trad
Christ: The title of Jesus (also used as His name)
Christian: A person who believes in Christianity; also an adjective.
Christianity: The religion based on the teachings and person of Jesus Christ.
Christmas: The annual Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas Day is on December 25
Christmas Cake: A rich fruit cake covered with white icing, eaten at Christmas.
Christmas Card: A greetings card that people send to friends and family at Christmas. Also usually given with any gi
Christmas Carol: A religious song or popular hymn that people sing at Christmas
Christmas Carolers: Christmas songs and carolers are groups of people that walk down a street going from house to house
Christmas Dinner: A big dinner on Christmas day. Usually families gather together for Christmas dinner.
Christmas Eve: The evening of December 24, also called “The night before Christmas.”
Christmas Greetings: There are many greetings that people use at Christmas, but the most common are “Merry Christmas,�
Christmas Holidays: The holiday period for about a week before and after Christmas Day
Christmas Lights: Strings of lights used to decorate the Christmas tree. Many people also put up Christmas lights on h
Christmas Ornaments: Are ornaments used to decorate the tree and placed around the house.
Christmas Present: A gift or present given at Christmas
Christmas Shopping: There is so much shopping to be done at Christmas that people refer to it as their “Christmas shop
Christmas Tree: An evergreen tree (often a spruce) that people decorate with lights and ornaments at Christmas. Pres
Christmas Wish List: A list of things that someone wants for Christmas. Usually children make a wish list. Some give it t
Cracker: A decorated paper tube that makes a sharp noise (crack!) and releases a small toy when two people pu
Decoration: Something serving to beautify; embellishment; ornament. Usually place on a Christmas Tree or around
Eggnog: A traditional Christmas drink made of beaten eggs, milk or cream, and sugar. Sometimes Eggnog is mad
Father Christmas: An imaginary being who brings presents for children on the night before Christmas Day (also known as
Fireplace: A partly enclosed space in a house where people light a fire for warmth. For Christmas time this is
Frankincense: A gum used for incense, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus.
Garland: A wreath, chain, or string made to be worn for celebration or decoration. One made of flowers, leave
Gift Wrapped: When you’re shopping, you can often ask the salesclerk if they have a gift-wrapping service.
Gold: A yellow precious metal, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus.
Holly: An evergreen plant with prickly dark green leaves and red berries.
Jesus: The name of Christ, the central figure of Christianity (believed by Christians to be the Son of God)
Joseph: The husband of Mary (the mother of Jesus)
Lawn Ornaments: Decorations placed on people’s lawns. Popular lawn ornaments are Santa Claus, Reindeer, Rudolph, S
Magi: The wise men from the East who brought gifts for the baby Jesus
Manger: Historically, a small wooden trough that animals ate hay from. Jesus was put in a manger after he wa
Mary: The mother of Jesus. Often referred to as Mother Marry, or the Holy Mother.
Mistletoe: A parasitic plant, species of which are found in Europe, Asia, and North America, having evergreen l
Myrrh: A gum used for perfume or incense, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus.
Nativity: The birth of a person.
Nativity Play: A play that people perform at Christmas based on the birth of Jesus.
Nativity Scene: Is a scene depicting Jesus’ birth. Usually Joseph and Mary are in a stable with shepherds and magi
Ornament: An object that adds beauty to something; a decoration
Poinsetta: This plant is also commonly used to decorate at Christmas.
Present: A thing given to somebody as a gift. These are usually placed under the tree to be opened on Christm
Reindeer: Santa rides in a sleigh that is pulled by reindeer. The most famous reindeer is Rudolph, the red-nos
Santa Claus: A large, plump man dressed in a big red suit, big black belt and carrying a sack full of gifts which
Santas Helpers: Elves, usually dressed in red or green.
Shepherd: A person who looks after sheep.
Sit On Santa Clauss Knee: It is a common tradition to go to a person dressed up as Santa Claus and tell him what you would lik
Sleigh: A light horse-drawn cart on runners that is used to carry people over snow and ice.
Snow: Water vapor from the sky that falls as white flakes and covers the ground.
Star: A bright point in the night sky which is a large, distant incandescent body like the sun.
Stockings: Literally, ‘socks.’ Nowadays, they are quite big-you would have to be about 10 feet tall to fit
Swaddling Clothes: Narrow strips of cloth wrapped around an infant (Merriam-Webster On-line). Jesus was wrapped in swad
The First Christmas: Obviously, refers to the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago.
The Holiday Season: The time running from just before Christmas until New Year’s.
The Star Of Bethlehem: The star that announced the birth of Jesus and guided the wise men to find Him.
Tinsel: A glittering material with a metallic appearance that is produced in strips, sheets, or the like and
Trimming The Tree: Decorating the tree is called ‘trimming the tree’.
White Christmas: A Christmas with snow on the ground.
Wreath: A circular band, usu. Of flowers or foliage woven or twisted together, used as a symbol or decoratio
Write A Letter To Santa Claus: Many children write letters to Santa Claus telling him what they would like to get for Christmas.
Xmas: Abbreviation or informal term for Christmas.