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Adoption Assistance Programs (AAP)

Life Style / Adoption / Adoption Assistance Programs (AAP): Federally funded state administered subsidy program for special needs children who might otherwise remain in longterm foster care.
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Assistance Noun Synonyms: help, aid, support, succor, backing, reinforcement, relief, benefit

Marketing Assistance Loans

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Assistance Loans: Nonrecourse loans made available to producers of wheat, feed grains, upland and ELS cotton, rice, soybeans, and minor oilseeds under the Agricultural Market Transition Act provisions in the FAIR Act o MORE

Non-Recurring Adoption Costs

Life Style / Adoption / Non-Recurring Adoption Costs: One time adoption expenses, which may be at least partially reimbursed by states up to a maximum amount to families adopting children with special needs. Allowable expenses for this reimbursement bene MORE

Mail-Order Pharmacy Programs

Health / Health Insurance / Mail-Order Pharmacy Programs: Programs that offer drugs ordered and delivered through the mail to plan members at a reduced cost. MORE

Legal Risk Adoption

Life Style / Adoption / Legal Risk Adoption: An adoption proceeding that is started even though the prospective adoptive family cannot be guaranteed that the child is eligible for adoption. MORE

Job Placement Programs

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Noninsured Assistance Program (NAP)

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