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Integrative Manual Therapy

Health / Massage / Integrative Manual Therapy: This therapy recognizes that each person is more than the total components of anatomy, physics, and chemistry and is instead affected by emotions, thoughts, social interactions, mind, spirit, consciousness, soul, and more. Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) combines multiple therapies to locate and alleviate health challenges through individual body systems. Utilizing a combination of structural rehabilitation (a manual therapy process of normalization) and functional rehabilitation (a therapy to restore functional outcome according to the optimal potential of the client), IMT utilizes the expertise of professionals in many fields--physical therapy, osteopathic medicine, homeopathy, audiology, massage therapy, etc.
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Manual Noun Synonyms: handbook, vade-mecum, enchiridion, directions, instructions, guide

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Therapy Noun Synonyms: remedy, treatment, remedial programme, cure
Therapy Verb Synonyms: psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, analysis, group therapy


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