User Interface

Entertainment / Video Games / User Interface: The connection points between the 'game' on one side and the 'user' on the other. There are two aspects to a user interface: (1) The information that the game provides to the user so that the user will know what to do (score, icons, status gauges, context-sensitive text messages, character voice prompts). (2) The information that the user provides to the game by pressing keys or buttons, moving a mouse, moving a joystick, touching the screen, or making voice commands.
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Other Words for User

User Adjective Synonyms: consumer, buyer, purchaser, owner, operator
User Noun Synonyms: alcohol or drug or narcotic addict

Right Of Correlative User

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Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)

Technology / Computers / Small Computer System Interface (SCSI): It is pronounced 'scuzzy,' and is a parallel interface standard used by Apple Macintosh computers, PCs, and many UNIX systems for the purpose of attaching peripheral devices to computer systems. Nearl MORE


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