Entertainment / Video Games / Lore: Term used to describe the extensive backstory generated for a video game world.
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Lore Noun Synonyms: folklore, beliefs, culture, tradition(s), mythology, myths, mythos, ethos, teaching(s), doctrine, wisdom


Science / Chemistry / Efflorescent: Efflorescent substances lose water of crystallization to the air. The loss of water changes the crystal structure, often producing a powdery crust. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Folklore: Sayings, verbal compositions, stories, and social rituals passed along by word of mouth rather than written down in a text. Folklore includes superstitions, modern 'urban legends', proverbs, riddles, MORE

Yahoo! Site Explorer

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Yahoo! Site Explorer: Research tool which webmasters can use to see what pages Yahoo! has indexed from a website, and what pages link at those pages. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Efflorescence: A deposit of salts that remain on the surface of masonry, brick or plaster when water has evaporated. MORE

Bolsa De Valores De Sao Paulo (BOVESPA)

Business / Finance / Bolsa De Valores De Sao Paulo (BOVESPA): The largest stock exchange in Brazil. MORE

Ad Valorem Duty

Business / Agriculture / Ad Valorem Duty: A tariff expressed as a fixed percentage of the value of the imported commodity or product. Generally, by contrast, a specific duty is applied as a charge on each unit or specified quantity of an impo MORE