Look and Feel

Entertainment / Video Games / Look and Feel: Based on the legal principle of 'trade dress.' Someone might make a video game that plays roughly similarly to, for example, Tetris, without violating copyrights or trademarks of the owners of Tetris. But if the game looks too similar or 'feels' too similar, then a lawsuit might result. A lot of beginning programmers want to make clones of existing games to practice game building, and when these clones are offered for sale, legal problems can result when the new game looks and feels too much like the game that inspired it. See also 'trade dress.'
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Other Words for Feel

Feel Verb Synonyms: touch, see, note, sense, perceive, experience, determine, handle, manipulate, finger
Feel Noun Synonyms: stroke, caress, pet, fondle

Other Words for Look

Look Noun Synonyms: seem (to be), appear (to be)
Look Verb Synonyms: face, front (on), overlook, look out on

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