God Game

Entertainment / Video Games / God Game: A strategic game, usually viewed from above, so called as it allows the player to affect both the world, and its inhabitants as though playing a 'god.'
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Other Words for Game

Game Noun Synonyms: amusement, pastime, diversion, distraction, recreation, play, sport
Game Adjective Synonyms: gamble

Other Words for God

God Noun Synonyms: deity, demigod, demiurge, divinity, spirit, immortal, genius, power, tutelary, numen


Health / First Aid / Ligament: A tough cord of tissue that connects bone to bone or cartilage to bone. MORE

Licensed Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Licensed Game: A game based on a property that isn't owned by the publisher. For instance, THQ made a Battlebots game. THQ didn't have the rights to make a game using the name 'Battlebots' until they got a license f MORE

Home Game

Entertainment / Football / Home Game: A game played in a team’s own stadium. MORE


Science / Biology / Ligaments: Dense parallel bundles of connective tissue that strengthen joints and hold the bones in place. MORE

Long Game

Entertainment / Golf / Long Game: The part of golf played with full, or substantial, swings where the ball is intended to cover relatively longer distances (usually thought of in terms of woods, long irons and middle irons) MORE


Science / Biology / Microgametophyte: Stage of the plant life cycle that develops from or within a microspore. The microgametophyte produces sperm in specialized structures known as antheridia. MORE