Entertainment / Video Games / Compatible: (1) The ability for a game to be used on more than one hardware configuration. (2) The ability for a person to get along with another person on a game development team.
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Hayes Compatible

Technology / Computers / Hayes Compatible: Hayes Microcomputer Products is one of the leading manufacturers of modems and has developed a language called the AT command set for controlling modems that has become the de facto standard. Any mode MORE

Downwardly Compatible

Entertainment / Video Games / Downwardly Compatible: A game machine that still supports games that were made for its predecessor game machine, such as the PS2, which can play PS1 games or the Game Cube Advance, which can play games made for earlier Game MORE

Dolby Digital - AC-3 Compatible

Technology / Television (TV) / Dolby Digital - AC-3 Compatible: Formerly known as Dolby AC-3, or audiocoding-3, delivers the movie experience through a maximum of 5.1 channels of surround sound audio. Since the mid-1990's, this Dolby sound format has become the mo MORE